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Chartered Accountant

Established in 1994 in Skelmorlie, North Ayrshire, we are helping businesses throughout Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Glasgow and Ayrshire.

We help by running a virtual office using the latest technology and a team of dedicated bookkeepers to provide bookkeeping, payroll support and expert advice on tax issues.

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    Tax and NI Allowances                   2016-17                                 2017-18

  • Income tax threshold:-             £11,000 per year                  £11,500 per year
                                                    (£211 per week )                  (£221 per week )
  • Primary threshold for Ni:-         £155 per week                      £157 per week 
  • Employee's NI rate:-                12%
  • Employer's rate:-                     13.8%
  • Employment allowance            £3,000 (Not applicable to limited companies with one director as sole                                                   employee)
  • Car Allowance:-                       45p per mile tax-free for up to 10,000 business miles, per annum
                                                     and  25 p thereafter
  • Personal Savings Allowance    First £1000 of interest is exempt from Tax
  • Other income Allowance          First £1000 of rental income is exempt from Tax

    National Living Wages                                                                 From 1/04/16        From 1/04/17

25 years and older                                                                          £7.20                  £7.50

National Minimum Wages                                                            From 1/10/16        From 1/04/17

21 - 24 inclusive                                                                               £6.95                  £7.05        
18 - 20 inclusive                                                                               £5.55                  £5.60        
Under 18 (no longer of compulsory school age)                              £4.00                  £4.05          
Apprentices under 19 or in the 1st year of their apprenticeship       £3.40                  £3.50          

    Legislative Changes

    The  Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (SBEE Act 2015) makes a variety of
    changes to businesses including what they must file with Companies House, Directors’
    disqualification, Insolvency and Employment Tribunals and Contracts. It is also intended to
    improve small businesses’ access to finance by removing legal barriers to invoice finance.

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